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Nama:What is LUL? [A Trip Down Meme-ory Lane]
Durasi:6 mnt 51 dtk
Dipublikasikan:18 November 2017
description::Since its inception, Twitch has been responsible for creating moments that we’ll remember forever.

Drama, sadness and hype all abound in the broadcasted lives of esports pros, streamers and even special one-offs like Twitch Presents. Kappa dominates sarcasm, PogChamp and TriHard bring the hype and BibleThump harnesses our sorrow. However, when it comes to humor – a staple of Twitch – no emote dominates so completely as LUL.

Written & Hosted by: Josh Bury (@ThrownGauntlet)
Produced & Edited by: Miles Hackett (@miles_hackett)

Shroud Twitch clip:
Courtesy: Twitch.tv/shroud

SSG vs. SKT, 2017 LoL Worlds Grand Finals
Courtesy: Riot Games

Tommy Becomes the Black Ranger
Courtesies: Twitch.tv/TwitchPresents
Uploaded by: Power Rangers Twitch Chat

Tokido Wins EVO 2017
Courtesy: Twitch.tv/evo1

DrDisRespect Clip
Courtesy: Twitch.tv/DrDisRespectLIVE

TotalBiscuit MLG Dallas Interview
Courtesy: GameSpot

TotalBiscuit talks about living with stage-4 cancer
Courtesy: H3 Podcast

Blue Plz! - Season 1 Episode 1 - “The world wide web world”
Courtesy: TotalBiscuit

Chris Farley clip
Courtesy: NBC

Anonymous on Fox
Courtesy: Fox Broadcasting Company

Austin Powers 2 clip
Courtesy: New Line Cinema

Peter Weller/Dexter clip
Courtesy: Showtime Networks

The International 20I7 EG vs. TNC, game 1
Courtesy: Twitch.tv/dotati

Music used under license from Associated Production Music LLC (”APM”).

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