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Nama:Fox News TV - Denishar Woods' mum pleads for financial help after garden tap shock
Durasi:4 mnt 9 dtk
Dipublikasikan:14 Mei 2018
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The mother of schoolgirl who was left with catastrophic brain injuries after being electrocuted by a garden tap has pleaded for financial help to bring her home.Denishar Woods, 11, miraculously survived the 240 volt shock - five times more than what is considered bearable for a human - in the backyard of her Perth home in May. Following brain scans, doctors warned Denishar could be in a vegetative state for the rest of her life. She will require life-long care and needs equipment at home - such as a ceiling hoist and hospital bed - which her struggling family cannot afford.'The government itself, there's been no funding up until this point,' the girl's mother Lacey Harrison told Nine News.'It's be really good if they could step forward and help us. I'm a single mum on Centrelink, it doesn't go very far.'Ms Harrison said she was forced to sell her laptop to put petrol in her car so she could see her daughter.  A GoFundMe page set up in May raised just over $13,000, but that money has been spent on Denishar's treatment. 'The money does not last long at all... The family needs a hospital bed so Denishar can go home now,' reads a new fundraising page set up by other mothers in Denishar's hospital ward. 'She doesn’t want to go to another hospital when Princess Margaret Hospital closes in two weeks. She wants to go home. Her family want her home.' Ms Harrison added: 'If she was home, I think the recovery would be a lot better. She responds so well to her family and hearing our voices.' The Department of Communities said it is working with Denishar's mother to get her home as soon as possible. Denishar's heart stopped as a result of the electrocution. Ms Harrison was also shocked as she tried to help her daughter.A neighbour who heard Ms Harrison screaming for help also suffered a shock after finding the pair covered in water.Michael Bunko, electricity compliance director at EnergySafety, said an 'open circuit neutral' was the likely cause.The fault could have been caused by poor workmanship, a loose connection or corrosion, he said.EnergySafety are investigating the incident, which occurred at the family's public housing residence in Beldon, in Perth's north-west.
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