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Nama:MJT VTS Review & Demo - Brian and Bradford play and review Strat style guitars by MJT
Durasi:18 mnt 36 dtk
Dipublikasikan:10 Juni 2016
description::Visit MJT Aged Finishes: http://www.mjtagedfinishes.com

MJT specializes in relic'd and aged finishes on vintage style electric guitars. To sum it up, MJT gear is awesome, and a steal at the prices they are asking. Check them out for your next project!

Bradford is playing a vintage sunburst MJT VTS through an Agape Tribute 18w head, into a Suhr Reactive Load (IR cabs by Ownhammer)

Brian is playing a Sonic Blue MJT VTS through a Line 6 Helix.

Both guitars have pickups by Porter Pickups

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