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Nama:MJT Stratocaster - Jason Hobbs Jam
Durasi:2 mnt 38 dtk
Dipublikasikan:19 Juni 2012
description::Visit my [email protected] http://jasonhobbsguitar.com

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Just a little jam I did today while playing my MJT stratocaster...I think this may be the first video/recording I did for youtube on this guitar...it it a lovely guitar and is awesome for blues and rock stuff, the pickups are something else! check out the specs below.
This guitar is a MJT Heavy relic Stratocaster. It is custom made from all top quality parts. It was made to closely resemble a 1962 relic strat. The body and neck are sprayed with nitro, and then meticulously detailed and reliced. The neck is an allparts SRO pro model, with 22 frets, and a 12" radius. The bridge saddles are graphtech, as is the nut.The pickups are Van Zandt blues, with the Fender S1 switching system. You can dial in any type of sound from single coils to humbuckers.
If you're not framiliar with MJT strats check out their website at mjtagedfinishes.com they are very highly recomended, and do absolutely fantastic work!
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