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Nama:Meet N.Flying's Father and Son (Seunghyub x Hweseung)
Durasi:8 mnt 25 dtk
Dipublikasikan:12 Mei 2018
description::I swear this is one of the most legit father and son couples Kpop has ever seen. Fight me! Please don't, I don't have any muscles...

Anyway! This video doesn't even do them justice. Seunghyub loves loving, petting, and taking care of him and Hweseung likes... staring at him... well not only... but mostly.

But the true miracle here is that I managed to make this under 10 minutes. I just kept cutting and cutting and cutting some more.
And here I once thought that Hoon had too much footage with Hweseung. Seunghyub has sooo much more, it's not even amusing.

Again, I feel like this is definitely going to get a part 2... and 3, like most other "pairs" because too much content. Yay for too much content! Nfias know how to appreciate it and will never complain for "too much content". Yay for N.flying!

Video credits and special thanks to:
G (@chakseung) for the subs on almost every single video I've used in this as well as other videos.

박지은 - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPDp...
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