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Nama:MJT Tele Strat guitar vs. Fender Custom Shop Stratocaster demo (Crunch/dirty)
Durasi:4 mnt 0 dtk
Dipublikasikan:14 April 2012
description::Comparison of 2 great guitars: A Fender Custom Shop Deluxe Strat with Custom Shop '69 pickups, and a Mark Jenny (MJT Tele) Strat style kit with Eric Johnson pickups. Neck and bridge demo.
The Fender is the red colored one and is stock with CS '69's. The MJT aged fished "S" style is Aztec Gold (lightly aged body) and all aged parts from MJT Tele Aged Finishes. Both played through a Marshall 410h (Crunch red)...We supplied the EJ pickups in the MJT strat so the electronics would be of similar quality (different specs, but both CS quality).

Seems like a lot of people ask about the quality of MJT Tele guitars, and there are a ton of GREAT reviews about them out there on the web, but very few videos.....especially of it compared side by side to a Fender or even a Nash (watch for that shootout in a few weeks when we complete our MJT tele and go head on against a Nash T-52). Anyhow, you make the call on what you think.

The finishes by the way, are awesome on the MJT guitars. Very thin, and the guitar is easily 3/4 of a pound lighter than the Fender and resonates so nicely. MJT-7#4oz, Fender 8#. The sustain is about the same on both the Fender and the MJT, but acoustically the MJT is slightly fuller and louder in person, I attribute that to the thin aged finish. Another way to describe it is an open sound acoustically. It comes through the amp as well. Feel and Finish is a tie I guess, as they are different (one new...the other aged) but both feel awesome when playing. We love 'em both.

Biggest difference is the cost!
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