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Nama:Dota 2 The International 7 Moments - GABEN LUL
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Dipublikasikan:08 Agustus 2017
description::Dota 2 The International 7 Moments - GABEN LUL - The International 2017 Main Event - Day 1

The International 2017 is the third Major of the 2017 season and the seventh annual edition of The International. The tournament will be hosted in Seattle for the sixth consecutive year. The Main Event is held for the fourth consecutive time at KeyArena, a multi-purpose arena in Seattle Center with a total seating capacity of over 17,000.

Ti7 format:
Group Stage - August 2nd - August 5th, 2017:
All eighteen teams are divided into two groups where they play in a Round Robin format.
All matches are played in a Bo2:
win (2-0) provides 2 points.
draw (1-1) provides 1 point.
loss (0-2) provides 0 points.
- The top four teams in each group advance to the Upper Bracket of the Main Event.
- The bottom team in each group is eliminated.
- The remaining teams advance to the Lower Bracket of the Main Event.

Tiebreaker rules:
- If there is a tie along the Upper and Lower Bracket divider, an additional set of games will be played.
- For other ties (in order of importance):
- Head to head result between the tied teams
- Results against lower seeded teams (from directly below till last place)
- If a tie can be broken along the way, the process is restarted (back to head-to-head result)
- Coin toss

The International 2017 Main Event - August 7th - August 12th, 2017:
- Sixteen teams play in a double-elimination format over six days.
- Eight teams begin in the upper bracket, eight in the lower bracket.
- First lower bracket game is Bo1, Grand Finals are Bo5, all others are Bo3.

Prize pool:
- The initial prize pool of the tournament was $1,600,000 USD.
An additional 25% of all TI7 Battle Pass sales are added to the total prize pool.
- These sales include compendium purchases at multiple levels and points available to level up the compendium in game.
The current total prize pool is $23,182,424 ($21,582,424 added).
- $100,000 of the prize pool is awarded to the winner of the Ti7 All-Star Match.

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