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Nama:MJT Tele Telecaster vs. Nash T-52 Telecaster demo (Crunch/dirty)
Durasi:3 mnt 14 dtk
Dipublikasikan:26 Mei 2012
description::Comparison of 2 great Telecaster guitars. A little bit of some classic rock from decades ago. The first one is a MJT telecaster in Surf Green, white pickguard, a medium reliced '57 style telecaster. Aged finish by Mark Jenny and Matt Jenny at MJT tele. The MJT telecaster is fitted with a Lollar Special T bridge pickup and a Lindy Fralin Vintage neck pickup. The second guitar played is a stock Nash T-52 telecaster with stock Jason Lollar pickups. The color is Butterscotch Blond, with black pickguard, lightly reliced. Both necks are the medium C shapes, and all hardware is of similar quality. This is a Neck, Middle, and Bridge demo, on Crunch red on a Marshall 410h amp (Crunch red) into a stock Marshall 1960a 4x12 cabinet with Celestion g12t-75 speakers.

A follow up to the stratocaster demo done last month (MJT strat vs a Fender Custom Shop deluxe), we wanted to post something that gives an idea of how a MJT kit would stack up against some high end guitars, in this case, the Nash T-52. We put the Lollar Special T bridge pickup in the MJT tele since it is the closest to the stock Nash pickup, and we had a Fralin vintage neck pickup already, so it is really close to the Lollar for comparison purposes. Like before, you make the call on what you like.

The finishes and workmanship on both guitars are top notch. We would be hard pressed to determine which one is which if there was no stickers on the headstock. Resonance and sustain on both are about equal. Acoustically, the are nearly the same, slight variation is voicing really is about it. The Nash weighs in at 6#14oz and the MJT comes in at 6#13oz. Feel and finish are a tie, the are both awesome guitars. We love them both! Connor particularly enjoys using these for some Classic Rock...Telecasters really are very versatile!
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