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Nama:Electric shock victim Denishar Woods taken outside for first time
Durasi:1 mnt 51 dtk
Dipublikasikan:02 April 2018
description::The 11-year-old girl catastrophically injured in an electrical accident has gone outside for the first time since the incident. Denishar Woods, 11, was wheeled out of Perth's Princess Margaret Hospital by her mother this afternoon.“She's smiling,” her proud mother, Lacey Harrison, said. Today, was another positive milestone for Denishar Woods. (9NEWS)Denishar suffered catastrophic brain injuries and was left fighting for life. (9NEWS)Denishar suffered catastrophic brain injuries and was left fighting for life after being hit with up to 240 volts of electricity while turning on a garden tap at her family’s public housing property in Beldon on March 3.Following brain scans, doctors told her family that if she survived, Denishar would be in a vegetative state. Before the shock, Denishar was described as a happy child who loved to dance. (9NEWS)The 11-year-old has opened her eyes to her family's words of encouragement. (9NEWS)Since the incident, Denishar has been able to breathe on her own and say a few words to her family. West Australia’s Public Housing Minister Peter Tinley has promis...

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