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Nama:N.Flying Topics: Weaknesses
Durasi:9 mnt 9 dtk
Dipublikasikan:17 Maret 2018
description::Welcome to a new series "N.Flying Topics: ____" here we'll discuss just how wonderfully problematic and perfect the N.Flying members really are. Hopefully the editing of these will get better with some time and effort, so that I can finally stop cringing...

This "episode" is dedicated to N.Flying's weaknesses aka Jealousy, Jaehyung, Aegyo, Fear, and Yawning (let's face it, there's more, but who has the time for that).

I wish my weaknesses were like this, instead here we have laziness, procrastination...etc... ahhh, humans aren't perfect so I'll fix mine one day at a time (starting with learning better editing), N.Flying can leave theirs just the way they are because these are pretty entertaining.
ahhh, it's enough for now, my Dear diary.

Credits and special thanks to:
박지은 - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPDp...

N.Flying subs - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJzt...
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