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Nama:Denishar Woods suffers catastrophic brain injury after electric shock
Durasi:1 mnt 27 dtk
Dipublikasikan:09 Maret 2018
description::The family of a Perth schoolgirl who suffered a massive electric shock while turning off a garden tap has been dealt devastating news. Following a brain scan doctors have told the family they believe Denishar Woods has suffered catastrophic brain injury and won’t survive. The 11-year-old’s mother Lacey Harrison wailed and struggled to stay upright before fronting the media. It's believed if Denishar survives it will be in a vegetative state.“Denishar suffered a catastrophic brain injury which won’t bring her back to me ever, and once they take the tubes out they’ll see if she can breathe, but that’s all her life represents anymore,” Ms Harrison said.“I want my baby back, I want my baby back,” she cried. Denishar has now been in an induced coma for six days after being hit with up to 240 vo...

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