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Nama:Perth electric shock victim utters first word since injury
Durasi:1 mnt 35 dtk
Dipublikasikan:27 Maret 2018
description::A Perth schoolgirl left seriously injured from an electric shock has made another astounding step in her recovery. Denishar Woods started saying the word "mum" – something doctors told her family may never happen again. Denishar Woods was hit with up to 240 volts of electricity. (9NEWS)The 11-year-old was electrocuted by a garden tap at her Beldon home three weeks ago, and suffered catastrophic brain injuries. Denishar’s family said doctors are so pleased with her recovery that she could be released from hospital in just three months. Earlier this month, she moved from her hospital bed into a wheelchair. The 11-year-old has started talking. (9NEWS)Doctors said she might be home in three months. (9NEWS)Doctors had original said she was unlikely to survive the shock, which saw her struck with up to 240 volts of electricity. Following brain scans, doctors told her family that if Denishar survived, it would be in a vegetative state. She now breathing on her own after being taken off life support and in a rehabilitation ward at Princess Margaret Hospital. The WA Public Housing Minister ha...

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