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Nama:Linux Ubuntu Tutorials for Beginners 2016: Start Using Ubuntu Linux Today!
Durasi:118 mnt 53 dtk
Dipublikasikan:09 Februari 2016
description::Use this free Ubuntu Linux screen capture tutorial showing how to install Linux Ubuntu on any Windows or Apple computer using VirtualBox! Get all my courses free at https://jerrybanfield.com/freecourses/. Learn the Linux command line basics and get answers to your questions about Ubuntu Linux here! With 10 years of experience as a Linux administrator, you can count on Nick to explain what is worth knowing about Ubuntu Linux in a simple and practical way that is easy to understand.

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See the chapters in this video below!

0:00 How you can use this Ubuntu Linux video tutorial created in February 2016 today!
2:07 Introduction to Ubuntu Linux and getting started as a power user!
9:50 What are Linux distributions such as Ubuntu Linux?
17:03 Installing VirtualBox and setting up your virtual machine.
24:53 Installing Ubuntu Linux on your virtual machine.
31:32 In depth free screen capture tutorial installing Ubuntu Linux using VirtualBox by Oracle.
37:32 Disabling the ISO and first boot up with Ubuntu Linux.
39:46 How to access the terminal in Ubuntu Linux, and begin using the command line. We will go over Print Working Directory (PWD) and Change Directory (CD).
45:19 Free Linux command line tutorial for beginners continued with how to use the LS command to view the contents of any directory.
52:54 Administrative privileges in the Linux terminal featuring the Super User Do Command (SUDO) and how it allows you to circumvent administrative privileges.
58:51 Using the package manager to install new applications and an introduction to apt-get plus learn the necessary commands for installing new programs on your Linux machine.
1:02:54 Searching through the repository to find new applications to download. See the necessary commands for finding programs you might not know the exact name to in the repository.
1:04:59 What if we want to install a package that is not in the repository? No problem! Here is how to download & install Google Chrome in Ubuntu Linux, a program that is not in the repository.
1:09:46 Keeping programs updated in Ubuntu Linux.
1:14:25 File permissions and ownership in Ubuntu Linux explained.
1:18:51 How to change file permissions and ownership in Ubuntu Linux.
1:27:03 How to create a new file in the terminal and recap. Use this tutorial to see how to use the TOUCH command to create new files in the terminal. You also get a review the utility commands covered throughout this section.
1:32:00 Creating new directories and moving files with the MKDIR and MV commands.
1:36:35 Copying, renaming, and removing files with the CP and RM commands.
1:41:19 Getting started with the FIND command and it's practical uses.
1:44:49 Advanced Ubuntu Linux commands featuring the find command in more detail.
1:49:22 Master the Linux command line starting with the find command.
1:52:46 How to get answers to your questions about Ubuntu Linux from a master Linux administrator? If you want to learn Ubuntu Linux, you can use this course to give you motivation and 6+ hours of practical tips for using Ubuntu Linux! Take the full course on with this coupon.

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