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Nama:Toulouse -Nicky Romero (Harz Bootleg)
Durasi:4 mnt 16 dtk
Dipublikasikan:02 Juni 2012
description::We are well aware of the sudden volume drop @1:21 & @3:41. It appears the video editor continues to not use the final master of the track while converting the file into video format. We are trying to fix this problem. Thank you!

Hey Family!

When I first heard Toulouse from Nicky Romero I instantly fell in love. Already being a huge fan of Nicky Romero's work, This came to no surprise. After listening regularly it occurred to me that a drop as good as this one would be 10x better with a harder kick (at least in my own opinion). After weeks of work in the studio, multiple copies, tons of input from other artists, and still being in the intro phases of producing my bootleg of Toulouse from Nicky Romero was finally born!

I absolutely love how this turned out! I feel it makes a perfect track to throw in the middle of a Hardstyle or House Electro set. For Hardstyle it gives the crowd a slowed down tempo with a pounding kick of a now classic and legendary House Electro track. While for a House Electro set, my bootleg can offer the crowd something a little harder to keep the energy flowing strong!

Anyways, I hope you all enjoy! You're advice and input is always important to me. I've got lots coming underway! Stay tuned!

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